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Athletic Performance Training
Strength & Conditioning

  • Strength: Focus on Upper body, Lower body, and Core strength. 

  • Power: Plyometrics, Jumping, Medicine Balls to develop explosiveness

  • Movement Quality: Training Preparation, Corrective exercise, Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility

  • Conditioning: Combination of athletic qualities

  • Recovery: Body Maintenance, Techniques and Methods

  • Injury Prevention: Focus on correcting weaknesses and improving joint and muscle mobility. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning

The program includes


  1. Private 1:1 or Semi-Private Training in gym based environment 

  2. Movement Screen and ongoing performance assessments

  3. Individualized Development Program and instruction designed to achieve for your goals

  4. Supervised coaching from an experienced, degree qualified coach

  5. Customized programs and planning based on your sport, injury history and training experience

  6. Facilities, equipment and a training atmosphere to guarantee results

  7. Education on how to get the most out of your training and sport. Short and Long term Athletic Development

  8. Performance tracking and testing to track progression and make any required program adjustments. 


"Bigger, Faster, Stronger, more resistant to injury Athlete!"

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