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Running Coaching


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  • Speed: Science of Elite Linear Speed: Acceleration & Maximal Speed

  • Agility: Lateral and change of direction. Acceleration, cutting and deceleration

  • Power: Plyometrics, Jumping, Medicine Balls to develop explosiveness

  • Endurance: Repeat Speed Ability/Speed Endurance/ Aerobic Conditioning

  • Movement Quality: Training Preparation, Corrective exercise, Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility

  • Strength: Running Specific Strength work: Hill training and Resisted running

  • Recovery: Body Maintenance, Techniques and Methods

  • Injury Prevention: Focus on correcting weaknesses and improving joint and muscle mobility 

The program includes:


  1. Private 1:1, Semi-Private or Group Training for all Ages and Abilities. 

  2. Program and coaching designed for your goals

  3. Movement Screen, Running Assessment and Video Analysis. 

  4. Technique, Movement/Stride Mechanics and Correctives

  5. Supervised coaching from an experienced, degree qualified coach

  6. Customized programs and planning based on your sport, injury history and training experience 

  7. Performance testing to track progression and make any required program adjustments. Speed laser timing. Horizontal and Vertical Power

  8. Facilities, equipment and a training atmosphere to guarantee results

"The 0.1 Difference. Get to the ball first”



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